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Development of AI based Point of Care MRI

Primary supervisor

Zhaolin Chen

Portable point of care medical devices have revolutionised the way in which people receive medical treatment. It can bring timely and adequate care to people in need but also opens up the opportunity to address the healthcare inequality for the rural and remote.

As one of the most important medical imaging modalities, MRI has long been an advantage only for people living in urban cities due to cost and expertise shortage in the rural area. The cost of the MRI scanner is approximately proportional to the field strength and the total lifetime cost is heavily weighted by physical installation needs including shielding, service costs and operational needs of highly trained staff. Low field strength MRI in a point-of-care setting can significantly reduce the total life cost of MRI scanners, representing a significant reduction of the cost of the MRI scan per patient.

This project will develop cutting edge data processing methods for mobile MRI scanners and testing in clinical enviroment.

Required knowledge

  • Excellent programming, image processing, optimisation background 
  • Affinity to work across technical-clinical collaboration 
  • Excellent in written and oral communications 
  • Strong data science background

Project funding

Project based scholarship

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