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A General Framework for Explainable Computational Creativity (XCC)

Primary supervisor

Maria Teresa Llano

XCC is a subfield of Explainable AI (XAI) that investigates the design of Computational Creativity (CC) systems that can communicate and explain their processes, decisions and ideas throughout the creative process in ways that are comprehensible to both humans and machines. With this project we will explore the subject of explanations in computational creativity within the frame of three CC systems from three different domains. From this we will attempt to abstract a “general-purpose” framework for explanations of CC systems and examine how this framework might be adopted by other systems within the field.

In the project you will be tasked with learning about the functionality of three existing CC systems, from this knowledge abstract a model of a domain-independent framework for explanations within CC, and carry out a proof-of-concept implementation in another existing CC system. 


Required knowledge

Good programming skills.