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Promapp process

To submit your proposal, please take the following steps

  1. Copy the GR Candidate Proposal Template and complete it or have the student fill it in
  2. Share the completed template it with and your Group Graduate Coordinator (GGC)
    • DS&AI: Mark Wallace
    • CSS: Ron Steinfeld
    • CHIC: Bernie Jenny
    • COSI: Joanne Evans
  3. Once you have filled in the template, as far as possible, you need to advance the case by submitting the template via Trello. Please use the following link depending on your research group*:
  4. The Trello board contains a template card for a new proposal in the "Supervisor Proposal" column. Create a new "card" by opening the template card and copying it (green button). This card should contain the following information:
    • Card Title contains the student name and supervisor name
    • Card should have a link to the completed template document as an attachment (a link, not the document itself. Trello will automatically link if you attach a Google Drive document)
    • In the description field of the card enter information regarding the scholarship funding, for example, "To be funded from ARC DP123456789", "to be funded from my startup package scholarships" or "Faculty scholarship sought"
  5. Move the card to the "GGC" column
  6. You are advised to switch "Watch" on for all your cards so that you receive notifications about their progress.

What is next?

The case should now automatically be picked up for processing.

If you are seeking a faculty or Monash scholarship, your proposal must be selected and approved by the group. You are thus highly encouraged to seek a conversation with your GGC before you submit! If you have independent funding (grants, industry funding, LOI scholarships etc) you do not need to do so.

Should you encounter difficulties with filling the proposal with the required information (not that some information is marked as optional), please move the card with the link to the incomplete template attached into the section "For GRA advice". Enter a comment in the card for which aspect of the information you are seeking help.

The request should be automatically picked up by the Graduate Research Services Team and processed. After processing the card will be moved back to the “Supervisor Proposal” list for finalisation by you.

Finally, this is a new process with new tools, so please bear with us as we are trying to iron out the (unavoidable) teething issues.